Smoothie the Cat

One of my favorite videos of 2016. ❤️ #Throwback




precioso gatito ♥️


I want to hear her meow 🐈


@topaz.o דייייי


@honeyagr מאיים פשוט


Wht a beautiful cat what breed xxx


Este es mi ideal de gatiniii @ciendol




@mariahlcouch that's legit the prettiest cat I've ever seen


@keyniabrown I want this kitty


@addasoffia æj Jaw ! Hann er sætastur ❤️❤️


@evabenediktsdottir æjjii mig langar að eigann!!


what is the name of blood race???


She sits like a perfect little princess kitty!


Oh my god I thought this was going to be a jump scare video because it seemed too good to be true @maddiemarkley


The most beautiful cat in the world!😍😍😍

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