The Red Huskies

Can u name them from left to right? 😏

Can u name them from left to right? 😏




Where did you get their walking harnesses from? Love them


@zwills maybe a quarter filler here


Oakley Kayla kiara


@thehuskypride yes! My husky who passed away a few months back looked a lot like these. Deep red coat and clear blue eyes. I've been looking at a lot of different places trying to find one that resembles her the closest.


@shoe_chewgang hi! Do u mean the red husky? Like where did i get em?


Does anyone know where they got their huskies from? Or where one could find huskies with this same coat?


Sarang, hye, yo lol


Too hard for me lol All I know is they are gorgeous😍😉😘


Oakley, kalya, kiara 👌🏼


@drawing.maker u got two right. The first one u still got it wrong 🙈


@the_walking_injurer i like u. I upvote lol


Doggo 1, doggo 2, doggo 3

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