Dougie the Shih Tzu

The struggle to get cozy. #fridaymomentofzen



This is liteally snickers @eva_peterson


You're sooo much bigger than me dougie! Love it #teamshihtzu


@jennytaher @brenniebaker tell me this doesn't remind you to nicolo


Hahaha meeu Deus ele eh mt fofo nao tem condicoes! @valentinajalbut


@d_rex_5 digging helps


@ellenmac101 was doing it the other day in the car with my towel for like 5 minutes


@_sincerely_kee that's funny lmao


@dutch_3 literally moose


Heavy D!! 😂❤️ He's the cutest. I wish he and my Tom could meet.


@madisonsherman mason in a nutshell


The struggle is real my dude


Ma! I need a bigger pillow!!! 🐶


@ciaonina when baby was in your belly


@jezzicakelly I can't stop watching this aaah

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