Oh sorry Happ New Year Lil Bub from Germany.


Happy New Year Lil Bub and Daddy Bub


@gullatt.ashley Bub's a she but yup she does! 💕


He looks so happy!!


Happy New Year Little Bub, Dude and to your Family too❤️❤️💙💙


Beautiful, Bub, you are goregous


Happy New Year


happy 2017


Oh my gosh that's a cute picture !


Awww ! Happy new year to you both, Lil Bub you are so adorable 🤗💜 xx


Happy New Year, Mike and Bub!


Happy New Year!!!😻🐾


In love u bub


@marissamcamis love you too hunnee ❤️ AND LOVE BUB


@svhardy I love you happy new year


Love 'Lil Bub, always has a smile




Happy new year 💥💥💥


@emkocovska @stuartlmackenzie this looks like you Stu!!!!


You guys are just beautiful.. 💕


Too dang cute!


@iamlilbub I have a question, is there something wrong with lil bub's eye because in every photo I see that one of her eyes are always kinda squinted. Thanks. Love ya lil bub!


Oh Bub I love you

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