Dougie the Shih Tzu

Eyes on the prize and best foot forward. #2017goals

Eyes on the prize and best foot forward. #2017goals




Hahha your haircut is cute dougieee


@dailydougie Hooray! 😊 thank you


Happy New Year!!!❤️💖💝


@jesscp just posted!


@cynthiachiang 4 paw paws more than enough to share


What color would you consider Dougie?


What a cutie!


@dailydougie soooo when can we expect the "Teach Me How to Dougie" round up of 2016? It really made my year last year.


Male model


So precious!


Perfect description of this photo 👏👏👏


The Majesty Dougie


Happy New Year Dougie.#LouietheRiverdog .


More dougie magnets for 2017 pleaseeeeeeeee @dailydougie


The cutest 😀


Go get 'em, Dougie!


Happy new years @dailydougie hope you had a blessed one can't wait to see all your antics this year @hanaibanana

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