Doug The Pug

"New year, same me" -Doug

"New year, same me" -Doug



Meow! Lets be friends Doug! I'm Nala the baby kitten




@naadiinee_f Hahahaha der Mops weiß es 😁😂


@alex.andra.da 👍 ich weiß aber gar nicht, was mich mehr interessiert.. Hund oder Essen😃


Theres tooooo many photos to like there all so cute!!!!!!!!!!😫😫😫


How does he not eat it


Dude to much pizza


New year , bigger pizza


@judy_noemi fue a las mismas que nosotros jajajaja 😂😂😂🍕


Stop making me hungry with pizza! 😅...... PIZZA!!!!!


This is me


@kehoward_11 does this not make you starving??


@joeyswab not changing his eating habits


@_nessy_y ich hatte heute Mc's :P


@jessicapersaud oh we are gonna play this game now


Tu en tz cd esta jimmy @maarta_bc


@sophiacooney it will always be you with pizza 😂😍


I want pizza like Doug @gazsmith7

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