Dougie the Shih Tzu

By popular demand, here's the 2016 wrap-up. Thanks for following Dougie all these years. 😘



@_jchaaan yess haha but the song i died


@ddollaasign are you stalking dougie? 😂😂


@pureglamour817 I'm one of the bitches that love Dougie! He's so cute!!


Teach me how to dougie @the_dahminator


My grandchild watch this from when it was posted and she still watch it🐶

He is literally the cutest little bear❤️

I could watch this for hours 😍❤️


I don't think my heart can take all the cuteness at once!


@a__benji this is the OG dougie


Def gonna do this with my future pup @laurannadams


@avvyybabyy it's name is dougie


@victoria_kor hahahah I'm dying!!!! I love this


This is what I wanted to show you last night LOL @K.hild #foundit


Dougie has swag 😍🤗

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