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#Repost @lilothehusky
Happy New Years From Rosie the cat @lilothehusky Rosie is partying it up on her cat wheelπŸ˜‚ Don't mind the white barricade... some kitties like to put their paws in the turning wheelsπŸ™„ #liloandrosie



We have one for iur #hedgehog !


@elinekimdejong24 omg n radje vr katten!!!πŸ˜‚


@ikadash03 let's get this for Libby!!!


@fagnanicami dobbiamo comprarlo a panzon


Why would koko need this? @selcouthcreature


@katiedid89 omg doodles would not participate πŸ˜‚


@giacomini_jess pra nana fazer caminhada kkk


Hahahahhaa certeza ele ta precisando @brunocevallos


Ok i guess. Don't understand the point of the cat wheel or why animals like wheels but OK.


@dresdden curvy is beautiful but gah damn Kit really needs this to shed those extra pounds


@kadez._ I would love to see Lou give this a go


@lgeraldss kucing aja treadmill


Lmfao buddy would just sleep




@jennohagan haha he sure does


@hemgym1 Leo needs one of these

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