Teeny tiny #tot




Love you Dougie❤️❤️🍗


I like your choice in vehicles!


@sasha_volodina это я тебя в гости жду!


@kirshi862 not for another year and a half for me


Ini cacaaa banget yaa 😀 @jufrysiagian


Bad hair day Dougie? I didn't recognize u at first.


Love you Cutie Dougie.😘😍🐶💋❤️❤️❤️


Love him and his silly faces 😍💕


@sandrimidolo miky molestito jajaja


Hi little tongue!


OMG I almost missed the itty bitty tongue! Baby Dougie, how do you come up with so many new ways to be cute?


Why are you upset dougie!

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