Milkshake the Cat

Should I share this with Smoothie or not?

Should I share this with Smoothie or not?



Chocolate is toxic for cats⚠️...don't eat it honey 💞😛


You can share it with me 😂


Awwwwwwww!!!! This is my cat and my chocolate!!!


NO, absolutely NO.


Petit gourmand


Eu queria o toblerone enoorme e o gato no pacote @_victorpinto


That's adorable


@nazyaglici cok ozledin biliyoruz


@defnepaksoy hik demis lilynin burnundan dusmus


You should share it with @okobea !


@nassabdallah tout le monde rep qu'il faut pas partager 😂😂😂


Smoothie can have one triangle


You shouldddddd


Oh Milky, you're so cute!


None of you should have the chocolate! It's fattening!😊


Yes cause youre a gentlecat 😎


No it would spoil his boyish figure and probably make him quite ill.


Milkshake ur so commercialized 😼


Love me some Milkshake.

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