Gary and supporting cast

Sunday night and you're dead inside. #isthisallthereis

Sunday night and you're dead inside. #isthisallthereis



You had the Golden Globes.


Someone pour this guy a drink already!


CUTE inside.


now we need a drink


I feel you buddy😩😩😩


#generalmalaise strikes again, eh Gary?


Exactly what I'm thinking 🙈.. but seeing your face helps a bit 💞😘💞😍❤️


Love you, Gary.😊💕


Omg! Story of our Ma's life!!! 😳😬😂😂😂


Omg Gary you get are my spirit animal! 😍😍😍


I just want to snuggle #gare sometimes. 👋👋👋👋😸💖


He's got a very strong presence!! I love him


Handsome devil!


Hello Garrrrrryyyyy


No one could beat you beard_ boy 😸💪


Big thoughts today, Gary? Maybe you should travel more - come to Oslo, Gary! ❤️❤️❤️


So much beautiful


Tomorrow is... M O N D A Y 🙈 @omgdeedee


I wonder that all the time


😹😹😹 the struggle is so real!


Awwww Gare ❤️


Stop trying to cheer me up, Gary. It's not gonna work.


go wash your hands before bed. they're filthy, gary.


Handsome cat 😍😍😍


😹😹😹 your caption tho


Pretty much yeah..

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