Eating snow❄️




Hello there, this is PECO from Japan. We loved this video! If you could have a look at our DM, much appreciated! Thank you and have a nice day ☺️🐾


@zazou_u je vais mourir là!!! Cuteness ×100000


@josephinehqz il me fait tellement craquer ! <3






Bebica mala presladak jee😍😍😍


@buthkully liccle snow baby 😍


Have fun cutie! 🐻💙⛄️❄️💙


@lucyupton We are getting one now!!


Eating slushies! (Plain flavor) 😋 @higrace12


@huzzageorge look how cute the puppy is😩😻😻😻😻


Jaaa beter van wel, je had gezegd als je er eentje zou zien dat je hem zou meenemen @marc.010 😏❤️❤️❤️


Miss zie ik dat nog...@_nuriax


@marc.010 te schattig 😭❤️


@browniekun7 teddy bear!!!

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