Milkshake the Cat

Good morning 😊☕️

Good morning 😊☕️



@alex_o_xx hed be the perfect milkshake


@martin_abbey his name is milkshake, reminded me of you wanting to call your kitty milkshake ☺️


Milkshake I'm in love with youu!


@brianmcass milkshake is you lol


@irksu samat värvi silmad, iigaaav!!


@karlojarand seda tahan ka


I hope that you are the true♥️♥️♥️


Had a cat that looked just like Milkshake, named Woody!


C'est lui @fajujul


Super cutie


صبح بخیر پسر پشمالو :-)


Good morning milkshake ☕️


He's so cute. And big compared to smoothie!


So handsome!


@ayosheh90 كبران ميلك


@yousseph_sh ما احلاه


Good morning you gorgeous ball of fluff!


Brings all the boys to the yard


Mi fai compagnia mentre studio Mi? 😌 @ale.dantuono




So cute!!


Good morning! 💛


🙀Fluffy On 🙀


What a handsome little guy


Happy tuesday cutie ❤️

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