#camrewind of the day, South Beach, Miami, January 8th.




@its__dabull how dare you...


@gilesb__ too bad you're a barrel dodger


Carajo ! Boas!


Holy shit, is didn't think it even broke there haha, o well any excuse to go back for another trip ay @jarrodcampbellll


Was gonna tag you in this @Codyshirk


@kissalda vi geral colando pro mar ontem de@prancha e voltando muuuito feliz haha


@dylanphillip17 fuck that was the day I flew in


Estoy desayunando! Bajo en un rato pero al gym de la 8st! @paulinglezjim


Pegate un bañin @oscarxtosin


Waves in Miami @juanjoborja


@annajozwicki Sammy can you imagine south beach looking like this???


@its__dabull we gotta get a board for your spot


@williamgeslin c'est le moment d'aller à l'eau frero


@nickanderberg get out there!!!!!


@ignagarciac2 it is january there are no hurricanes


Damn never thought south beach could get that big, hurricane maybe?


Wow good surf


@marcoaureliofsantos só marolinhas pra brincar

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