After breakfast, we cuddle.

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Such a snuggle bug 💕💕


How dear to cover up & keep her innocent! 😉♥️🌹


I don't know how you get anything done. I'd want to snuggle and play with Jill all day, everyday


@nickhutton_ I AM CRYING INSIDE


I didn't know squirrel feet look like that! 🙀long toes. Lots of pads. Fascinating!!


When don't you cuddle?!?


I wanna give her a squeeze😂😂😘


NICE :) 😁 ✌️


I wish EVERY squirrel EVERYWHERE had as good a Mum as Jill😙, especially the uneducated who think squirrels are just rodents, they are such sweet, smart creatures, Jill is the #PerfectExample🐾💖


Miz Jill you have the life of a Queen 👸


Love this!


Super adorable 💞🐾


Awe, what a sweetheart! 💜


I never knew I needed squirrel cuddles, but following you for a while has convinced me I do. Too bad the squirrels in my back yard do not share my same feelings. 😉😂


Still jealous!!😍

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