You should definitely do this. 🔊 #danceforyourdog #literallythatsyou




@whit009 this is what I imagine life is like at your house


Da fuq?


That's totally me @yayamohan


Lol does remind me of u @miss_jenny_pinto


@n_chabs he loves me more than you


@sharillaz ... literally every day. No shame. Only difference is Gracie is usually sitting up like a weird human and tilting her head at me as I sing too. Don't be jealous Cheryl. I'll dance for you too


@mrspricklepants Ugh...I sing and dance for my pups!!!! 🙈


@caliking19 love dancing for the dogs


@megjthom hahah totAlly is


Me everyday


@ohhhcheryl they've seen me be more embarrassing & don't even bat an eye 😭


@stephler318 who tazz lmao


@danski4 wriggles would be judging me so hard lol


@shaunaashlee not embarrassed to admit I totally do this for Max. And he loves it


Funny I do that and she joins in barking at me.


@adoodlenamedbentley hahah yup, that's us!


You and walker @kelli_rosek


@lexatr0n have you done this yet for @orbithecorgi ?


@sbfd0621 it's me with Molly lol


@shellypie you and Bruno


@terynclarke I was thinking the same thing


This is you... I know it @sheynanigans_

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