Foster pup Sam was really into the Poop Fairy's moves #danceforyourdog #thisisnormal
Poop Fairy @halleratyou
Sam from @muddypawsrescuenyc




yay now i want to dance for my dogs in a poop hat @coachrob_87


Lmao! I can't dance in front of my dogs like that, they go nuts and try to dance too


@itsnotjoe_13 I do that to Cash on a daily basis. Part of my after shower routine. He's not that thrilled about it.


@lady_bay_ funny this is that I do this from time to time with Rex


@itsnotjoe_13 #wifeygoals I want to find her for you😄


@lady_bay_ my future wife


@somillan hahahahahah noaotras si tuvieramos un perro


This is me all the time @naty28


@con_con1982 omg i didnt know you had a second job!!! Lol


@tcoxy23 we do one of these videos with Ida 😂😂😂


@weeedkiller AND SHE'S WEARING A POOP HAT?! Aha I love it


This is me AF 😂😂


@themodestadventurer the dog is like WTH. Also she's wearing a 💩 hat 😂


@clau_n_n todos los días son un buen día para bailarles lo se por experiencia ;)


@veronica_ci_ro quiero bailarles 😑


@lesleyknope I'm def reposting this. It's so spot on and the dog looks like Capone too 😍


@lesleyknope omg I've definitely done that multiple times already lol


No, I am not going to go home and do this for her tonight!!! Lol @lglynn85


@_j0anna_ Bella's waiting


I knew the poop fairy was real! We talk about her all the time! 💩


@hblythes ahhhahahaha yes!!!! 😂


Pup is like this is a nightmare


@andygambrill I'm glad me and Georgia aren't the only ones who do this

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