Katie Haller

Whipped out the old Bar Mitzvah moves at work today. #thisisnormal #danceforyourdog





What's the name of this song?


You got the moves like Jagger! 😍👍🏼


When he lays down, though...


That ungrateful dog hid his face like he didn't see the art in front of him 😂


I mean, I know we've all been shamed by the interpretive dance stylings of @showmenoodz owner, but give a bitch a paw or something 😂


Wow, tough crowd over there!! Your moves are outstanding and doggo is still not impressed 😒


Katie freaking dying


I totally loled at this 😂


@sewstacie he's just sitting there like "dis bitch cray"


Hahahahahhahaahhaa sam!!!


I want your job!


work girl work


@ginothepresident send us the vid!! I'm sure you're moves are 👌.


I'm doing this too but my dog only watches me and then he seems get very annoyed hahaha. You're cool!


That 💩 hat is amazing!!!


Best dancer I know


Sawyer would probably really enjoy this. Whenever you want to perform for her she's ready.



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