The top five @oneillusa #waveofthewinter finalists are now posted on Surfline, for your voting pleasure.




Masons looked the gnarliest!! @cocom4debarrelkilla


diooooo q gana d surfear @laurenbleasdale


@preto_renato se liga que eu te disse dos finalistas da onda do inverno em pipeline 💀👊🏽


Mason for sure!


Florence or Ho


The best one is @jadsonandreoficial wave. Rare mokent at Sunset!


Mason killing it


Maison Ho. Definetly


What happened to @kellyslater ??? he had that ridiculous bomb to doggydoor exit. I thought that was better than everyones except maybe JOB and Mason's


Mason hell yeah


Mason hands down


@markbrizz peep the drone


Mason has it in the bag


All backhanders.

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