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Albino Alligator! | Photography by @snakebytestv

Albino Alligator! | Photography by @snakebytestv



@ronni_jensen1 stop med at tagge mig på billeder af dyr 24/7


Albino pythons are cool


This is not fake I have seen one at a zoo before. It is beautiful!!!


It's not Photoshop, albino alligators aren't all yellow they're snow white.. they're real I seen them in Louisiana and Knoxville, they're awesome




Good luck.


WoW, first time seeing one 🐊


His name is Edgar. Edgar Winter-Gator.


Снятие порч, снятие венца безбрачия, обряд на удачу.Пишите в директ


Hweww kirain warnanya agak abu", putih banget :3 @irsatsekti


Yeee in west palm beach zoo


@btot429 knowing him, probably


There's one at the academy of science 🔬 in SF


patay naman ni nya gi balatan @albertlouieb


Think ry knows of this? @ltot4


😍 white boots!

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