Doug The Pug

"‪Another muffin to contribute to my muffin top‬" -Doug

"‪Another muffin to contribute to my muffin top‬" -Doug



@ckessler35 as discussed, meet Doug. His interests include dressing like a hipster, pizza, donuts, and being adorable. He is why I want a pug. I can only dream of being as cool as him one day. 🤞


I love it when he wears his beanies it so cute😃😘


😒😄 dog is more stylish than me


@duanehollett and turn him into a granola pug


No no es feo mi Raquel por dios @raquel_sot


Miralooo @ricardo.m21 jajaja :(


@c_benjamin_ @josefa_cap n'inclue pas ma mère dans tes conneries!!!


How cute he is 😍


hahahahaha omg the beanie @kaaaelyn_


@laurapallara_ che... " ma sei serio? Ca ieu secondo te me futtia solo nu muffin la matina?


Your feed is 👌🏼 You would love the pug humour of @gemmacorrell


@merttolanay biz de giydirelim boyle


@potocoloradoh Knsdkdndkd es beio


Omg. This is too cute!


Hay chiquita, casi no pides nada 😂. En tu cumple MA 💘😊


MA Yo quiero a esté pug el que está en la foto 💘 y con su ropita y todooo😚🙊 @yunuen_ramirezg


@gbrys.sifo der ist doch cute


@hlenaa_ thats just rude


I'm the dog coz I'm eating u @saraagarces


tag urself im the muffin @maarsilio @hlenaa_

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