Black Jaguar-White Tiger

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I would do anything to be in this guys place for a day! @hosnasalehi


Where is The water?


@kikinnas lo que pienso cuando me preguntan cuantos hijos quiero tener


In the beginning of the video one of the lions peeed on the ground where the guy steped


Where is michael ?


Wonderful 💚💙💛💞💕❤️💜🦁🦁🦁🦁


But Papa was hadn't the pool guy arrived 😫


Dad where's the water?!


Cada día mas quiero todos los niños guapetones!!


Hanito y Luke son mis leones favoritos 💖


My stress always happy watching them. They're so gorgeous!❤️❤️❤️


Where is the water?


They're so beautiful ❤️


Beautiful beasts


@j_h_f2 They have water troughs if they're thristy. Pools are drained twice a week and fresh water added which is why it's currently empty. Since the lions never get in the pools when they are full, they probably find them curious when empty.


Love them ❤️


The big pride 😍😍hermosos 😇💙😇


Alguno que se llame Simba? Mufasa?


Muertos de calor!!!




No te dan corte 😂


@bad__hab1ts it means kids


Sad day in Bucharest, a building that hosted animals of the circus caught fire & 11 souls died. Among them, 2 tigers 😥 First image that came into my mind was of Tierra, Nicole & Achilles...Thank you so much for all your effort, dedication & work ❤️ #banthecircus


This is happening un Argentina


@bad__hab1ts "the kids" (los niños)😻


They're wondering "Dónde está el agua Papa?" ❤️


Y el agua no mames culero

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