@vikipaez me gusta esta página ágina


Lucky you!


woo so cool 😎


@blackjaguarwhitetiger Are you surprising me and I never got my race shirt so really your taking me to the show!?! 💙💜💙


This is gonna be some Sick Aces show !!! Enjoy Papa Bear !!! Have fun and make the party laaasst all night long ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Have fun Papa Bear!! Party 'till the sun goes out 😊


I cannt wait to see you having fun and happy Eddie, cuz u make us happy every single day


Love this 🤗


You're in Playa??? 😱😱😱 would love to meet you!!! @blackjaguarwhitetiger


Let the music take you where you need to go!🌌🎵🎶🎹


Have fun👍🏻


Get your river dance on🎶🎧🔊🕪👟


I remember listening to the entire original Bedrock album in the 90s. It was so good.


I'll admit, I'm a little jealous you're gonna see Him in paradise. Have a fabulous time & be safe!🙌🏻💙💙💙


Love it. Enjoy Eddie


Papabear I miss you and the kids on Facebook live so badly hope you are feeling better I feel like I'm going through withdrawal missing you


Good taste 👌🏼


Tu si sabes


Have fun, enjoy yourself and live the moment. God bless brother.


Wishing you a Magical Night!💫🎶Drink lots of h20 before & during to keep you hydrated for the super fun musical 🎧genius night👍🏼🎶


Looks like a beautiful place! Have fun and I am glad you are feeling better to enjoy it ❤️


John digweed 👑


Hope you've been well and have recovered from your cold/flu. @blackjaguarwhitetiger


@elise.110 bedrock is a house music label owned by John Digweed


You REEEALLY have to check out Black Coffee from South Africa. Like the Lebron of House music right now


What's is Bedrock?

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