Black Jaguar-White Tiger

One of our Top Vets @tinajeroayala came to check on the kids and Papa Bear...
Uno de nuestros Vets en jefe @tinajeroayala vino a checar a los niños y al papa de los niños :) @tinajeroayala #BJWTvets



@victoryadard je sais où on va cet été 😍


@saskia_h96 ohja und dann noch diese geilen Katzen 😍


Where are you from ?


Oh my thanku for tagging me in this @maisieloftus 😍


Yo también quieroo @laaura_ruuiz


Can i touch them?


My cat always do that when I'm making my luggage 😂😂😂


Mi vida sería demasiado feliz con todos esos traviesos, me encantan, besos papa 🐻


@rissaase dream job !!


Ok. We are ready for a vacation


Adorable 😽😘🙀😻💞💜💙🐾❤️💕


This is my life goals😍😍😍


Someone is over in the corner trying to figure out how to unpack your bags😄👏👏👏


@bridget_lucyy are you friends with Bcr?


@arthur.grisar da katje da zo vastzit tusse die stoele is een ocelot


I love all of your kids! And i have loved watching them grow and be happy. Achilles and Love are my favorites. But i am obsessed with the margays! I've never seen one until you posted videos and photos of Choubie. I love all tge margays! ♡♡♡



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