Today, @whoisjob and @jake_of_all_trades teamed up for one of the more creative uses of a GoPro we've seen for a while.



Nice DJ


@curranbrierley 😻🙀🙌 dat curtain doeeeee🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🙏


@thick_48 почти как в том туре на Бали😌


# Would love to surf a barrel


@nicolagallicchio o alienígena, o surfista mais style que existe.


@anaaaa.caassa demais! Quero chegar nisso um dia uhuuu


Do they trade off? @nooflyzone


Haha jo jag vet du taggade mig i den :p @lurtzen


@mongaboards såg den siiick brah


Helt sick, årets shoot! @lurtzen


@kirbappeal5 this is soopa cool


That's lit as fuckkkk @kyle_burkitt


Hahaha @alexandercabbott that was awesome

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