Spellbound is currently being rolled onto bolts. Hitting stores soon! #spellbound #spellboundfabric #spellboundbyurbanchiks #urbanchiks #modafabrics



That's cool to see!


Very cool!


@allthoselassiters have you seen how they roll fabric onto bolts before? So mesmerizing.


I love watching this!! It's mesmerizing!!!


Very cool. I've never seen fabric put onto a bolt before.


Squeeeee. I'm so excited to get mine in @aperseveringmom


I agree with @quiltjane. I watched it at least 3 times. 😍


Great pic, great fabric, and a hard working lady.


That's really cool - I love this kind of thing 🤓- thanks for sharing xx


This is hypnotising. I could watch this all day. @urbanchiks Holly I love your new collection

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