Chris Morales

Ya boy did it! Mission accomplished #audiboyzzzz #TheNewWhip

Ya boy did it! Mission accomplished #audiboyzzzz #TheNewWhip



Daaaam, that whip looking 🔥🔥🔥


Thanks pimp! Gotta get some savage slices soon! @javocad0


Sick whip my guy


I was a little late but yes! @evaughn_a


You got it!! 🙏🏼


Congrats pollo, chingon tu carro!!!


Das riiiiiiiight


Gotta beat me in Rock Paper Scissors. 2 out 3 games. I'll think about it if you beat me 😏 @_jovana


You're gonna let me drive it when I go right? Lmao 😂 @_chrismorales


Siiick bro, u know I'm an Audi tech rite?


Ayeee fucks wit me one time! Thanks dude! @marco_barajass


Damn. Big ballers makin big moves. Congrats player!!


Damnnn bitch 😊


Sick bro!


Das my dawg!!


You bought that?! 😲


Catch you lane switchen with the paint drippen !

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