It's hard for people to grasp when I tell them this but so many youth offenders charges as adults choose YEARS of prison time over a six month sentencing to this one of kind boot camp prison. Word on the streets down in our Dade County is this is a place you don't want to f*ck with. To many offenders facing the judge, doing years of prison is easier and a badge of honor. But the ones that choose boot camp over prison are immediately on the path to change. They're completely broken down in every aspect - mentally, spiritually and physically. But they're also built back up to become better men. Changed men with one more opportunity to make something of themselves. It's up them. That's why I said, "You're probably asking yourself what have I gotten myself into right now?". I was there at 2am when we brought them in for their first night in the camp. The look of "what the f*ck is happening" washed over all of their faces. I was also there six months later when they graduated, in front of their families and changed men. In ONE WEEK on MARCH 27th join me on @hbo and I'll take you thru their journey. Mark your calendars.. you won't want to miss this. Break em down. Build em up. #RockAndAHardPlace #DadeCountyBootcamp MARCH 27th. On HBO.



Ella Varcoe™

I watched this a while ago . I think this is a great system . It is unfortunate to hear about how such young people can create such a mess for themselves but it is great to hear it is possible to fix it . The Rock is a great role model for this camp as he has been at that stage in his life and has changed his ways for the better. I think he is a inspiration to this camp and everyone who goes through it to see that change is possible if you believe enough. Not only is this a great thing for everyone who goes to the camp , it also gives the families of those people hope . Like for example at the graduation part , Most of all the Parents broke down in tears when they saw their kids and how well they were behaving. Great job @therock 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽




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Man if it's tougher than regular boot camp good luck fellows. U.S.

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