My homegirl @CharlizeAfrica called me and said, "Yo DJ", and I said "Yo Char Char".. and that's all we needed to say. Charlize has a great campaign geared up with @omazeworld where YOU have the opportunity to join US at the #F8 premiere in NYC. You'll get the VIP treatment on your trip out, and a big ass hug on the red carpet from Charlize and myself. I mean think about that "Sexy sandwich". Are you in? Damn right you are. Hit the link in my bio or go to to enter NOW. It's all to support Charlize’s initiative CTAOP...a great cause! I'm happy to help out. See you in NYC!



Renata Ariel

You look very professional @therock


Dwayne why do people call you Dwayne if your name and account say TheRock

sandra liliana paira

Perfecto look!

Nick Ragan

I tried. And I guess I failed. But one thing I won't fail at is to keep trying to get your attention..... @therock if ya smelllllallallalllowwww, what cookin.🐂🐃

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