Jon Cozart

We have fun 🌝

We have fun 🌝




You remind me of someone


idk if my eyes are just tired or what but jon kinda looks like hes been crying


Nice pose!


Your pics > my pics 😩


Yo John, I am trying to figure out who is more of my queen. You or BeyoncΓ©?


When is your new vid coming out?


@grungeisdead_18 matate :v JjajajahajaπŸ˜‚πŸ’œ


what a pretty duo


kiss Dodie


It's been 3 months, whats going on? Love your vids❣️


I wonder how much noise she made pressing on those keys for that pic


You're an angel






I thought this was Kate McKinnon


What's on her wrist?


Bro what happened to her arm


@sterretjelife when you look through her photos you see it's from a play or something :)


Are that scars on her arm?


Ayy where have you beenΒΏΒΏ i miss yoUuUu


Wow how old is the piano?


Why no more YouTube videos? 😯 You are adorable, creative and that voice. 🎢😚


Very handsome and dapper! 😍😍

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