Kim Kardashian West

The Promise Premiere 🇦🇲 @chinesetheatres I'm so proud a film was finally made about the Armenian genocide and to share the story of the Armenian people. Glam- @chrisappleton1 @1maryphillips




@tomwood3034 lol ça m'aurai étonné...


@paulamarie1503 j'adore sa coupe.


@tomwood3034 j'avais pas vu la robe


@lordscummy_ this but slime green tips

wow IG升级…快来#涨粉涨赞…




Историю читай


Это был не геноцид


Cleopatra look




Wow ♠️♠️♠️🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤♣️♣️♣️


@lucy.winchesster Stop Stalking her if u don't like her


@gh_2deer then why are u stalking her


@ahug0zlum there was no Turkish genocide lmao Mongols came and stole Armenia, Grece and other Arabic countries go educate urself before writting a comment


@carogarota ajsjsjsjsjsjsj la Kim chilena 🤣 💖


@rgpazcamila tu última foto 😋


@kimkardashian Hello my dear ❤️ with love and a big heart "Mary Lu hand made Armenia" present a similar brooch for you 💋How can I send you to what address? 🙏


ur not really into wigs kim huh


This look😍👌🏻






@nathhz.garciaa olha isso na 😍


Muito Linda Belíssima💖💖💖💖💖🐱❤!!!!


@a.grtd_ yeah😉😏❤️💋💋


@ssaarwsh I hope so😂😘


@ssaarwsh ohh😂😍🤞

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