When you're evil, you gotta commit to the laugh 😈 When you see this huge green screen scene in #Ballers this summer, I would've just crashed my monster truck and me and the announcer will be standing in the middle of 30,000 fans in Las Vegas who go WILD when I announce I'm bringing an NFL team to Vegas. Before the scene, our prop master @ottoprops44 who's in charge of all my props on set says ~ Hey DJ, I laid down pads and soft black blankets for you to throw your helmet on since the helmet is expensive, we don't want it to crack and we only have one for the whole shoot tonight. Me ~ You got it brother Otto, I'll gently toss the helmet on the soft and safe black blankets. Then I purposely throw the helmet on the ground, it cracks and we can't use it anymore. Director yells, "Cut". The whole crew laughs, Otto cries and I continue to be the evil asshole always looking to have fun with the crew. 😈 #OnSet #Ballers #LuvThisCrew #AlwaysABlast #NFLTeamRelocations #ArtImitatingLife #AndFuckThisHelmet 😉




Justin • 86,400

@steviecfit stop what your doing & chase what you believe in and want you want because even when your at your lowest point ... chasing that thing you believe in will give you the greatest satisfaction ever & your life will have purpose because you are doing what you enjoy and love ! Nothing beats that. That is why they say “ if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life .” It is the process that you fail in love with my brother !

Stephen Cortez

@therock it has been a dream of mine to get into acting but I don’t know how or where to start. I have never made the full commitment to take that leap. I am currently in college but I’m studying for a major in which I would be working every day. Like the old saying goes “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” ... well I’m going to be working every day of life if I continues to pursue this route. Please if you can give me any advice on what to do and even if I were to start acting. How and where would I start that process.. I’m self taught, though I really have a act for the art. Thank you.

jade cipponeri

Ur an amazing actor and person! Love u



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