Karma -Intuitive Eating Expert

Mobbed all the way to the Grand Palace only to realize it's a national holiday so it was closed 😁 lol we still had fun getting there though!

104 Grand Palace



@karysacharli the airplane Food? No, the smell even made Gilbert throw up lol but he has a sensitive tummy. The second meal wasn't horrible tho


Don't forget to try the stick rice coconut ice cream


Oh.. was the food good ?


@karysacharli ya but that would have just made me sick!!


@chemistkarma did it come with free alcohol


HMU when you guys get back !!


You're so cute 😍


@karysacharli barely!! Lol jk we made it fine just that 15 hr plane ride is no joke!!


Omg I forgot how soon your trip was!!!! Hope you are having so much fun!


You made it!

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