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justin&αriαnα’s chαρters♡🙇🏼♀️✧

i'm gonna miss thinking 'bout you,be alright,somewhere over the rainbow,sometimes,touch it,moonlight,side to side,everyday,bad decisions,problem,break free,focus,quit,into you,I don't care,greedy ,leave me lonely,let me love you,forever boy,knew better/knew better part 2,love me harder,bang bang,baby loves,one last time and..dangerous woman perfomance!!♡


@bloxycraft thats funny coming from someone whos icon is literally not him and has a private account. you aint look any better than him shut your 3 year old ass the fuck up


He gives me life when he on stage

Gavin Hondl

He looks retarded😂😂😂

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