Why are you not going to be here for Caturday, humans?😶 Who will celebrate with me instead?
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@zetatos thanks so much for sharing 😻😻😻


@max.starr Thanks so much and have a Wonderful day😻😻😻


@nala.cat_ thanks so much for the love😻😻😻


Great Post


Let's make a play date! 🐾❤️😻


@panther.cat don't forget the tunatinis on your way over 👀🐟🐟


How gorgeous and fluffy you are 😻😻😻 Happy Caturday 💜💜💜


@analu.vonijone thanks so much for sharing😻😻😻


@00lova00 anytime with you, beautiful Lova😻😻😻


@borisandvlad of course you are cool enough😻🙌🏻😻 let's pawty😻


@leopold_bear_cat oh yes! Great I'm so glad you want to spend it with me Leo😻😻😻


Hello, We love your Instagram and would really love to feature you. All you have to do is tag #clawsandpaws_ and follow! Have a great day! ♥️


Not sure we are cool enough for you but you are always welcome at our house for a caturdaynight pawty 😹😹👀❤️


Don't worry you can celebrate with others that will rock out your day 😙😙


Gosh so pretty. Celebrate with me cutie 🎉💙


So exquisite ❤️


So beautiful 💗


Great fur coat


We will! Happy Caturday and have a great weekend sweetheart! 💙💙💙😍


Me and my kittens will celebrate with you! Let the party begin!😻🎉


I can celebrate Caturday with you, dear Panther! 💙😻🐾🎉


Oh no! Where are the humans going? 🤔


Wow, very cool!😻😻😻💘💙💘💙💘


Ahhh, humans can be so traitorous 😼We have your back sweetie 💚


I'll celebrate with you sweetness❤️🎉😻

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