Monica is dead 😢

Monica is dead 😢



Why tf did u have to spoil that me


Wasn't a compliment hoe 😂


thank god


@boba_da_pug i get it from sammi and monica:)


Lol what a cunt @artmajour


Who're you? Lol


@mollie_torres dont fucking follow a fanpage then idiot


Spoilers... not cool man... unfollow 😞




7x12es este


What episode????


How did Monica die before Frank? I'm shocked


begone thot


Fucking bastard u piece of shit hope u die 2


Im pissed now 😡😡


I hope your next


Thank you Lord for that


Thanks for the spoiler ass hole


Wow........just wow


If you haven't found out yet you deserve to get spoiled


Yeeeah ! Monica is dead bitch 😃


This episode was probably one of my top 5 favorites.


Monica has been dead for a long time. Get a grip.


Why u do this menn???? I hate spoilllers 😪😑😒

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