Gabe Rubiano🤙🏽

Haven't posted on here in a while!@justinescalona thanks for reminding me of the fun in filmmaking🤙🏽

Manhattan Beach Pier




Wow! Really nice!


Amazing brother🔥🙏🏻


Love the message. So true


Poetic. Relatable. Personal. Beautiful 🙏🏻😊


Lit bro


Thank you


Have a great day !


This is awesome


This is beautiful 🎀♥️


Phenomenal! @gaberubiano


Bebe ecdadını n ebeninkini tersten gösteririm


@oliviabohac Oh Sigma. I just thinking that is Canon 24-70mm. Waw, thanks for the information 🙏


@pramudyadji sigma 35mm 1.4 art


you're going up and forget me when ur famous <333


Really cool dude. For real.


Yes indeed find your bliss man


I'm so curious with Justin camera lense show up in this short movie, actually at this scene. Can you tell me what lens it is?


Everyone needs a little reminder now and again


So true. Always record when your head tells you to. Good stuff 🎥👊🏻


Ocean ocean drink the dick potion


What lens justinescalona used?


@dylan_roa thanks man. Great work!


Fun fun fun. All I like.

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