I know things get frenzied with you guys and I try and see, talk to and meet as many as possible as I get ushered quickly from place to place. Just a quick note to say how grateful I am for the luv. Pure joy and happiness (even the excited ones who jump the barriers;) calibrates very high on the energetic scale and sounds a bit corny but to make people this happy, will always be the best part of fame. For the record, this was how I screamed and hugged Matt Damon when I finally met him for the first time at this year's Oscars. Luv that guy. Hugged the hell outta his neck. #FanLuv #GratefulMan #WorldPressTour #Berlin #Baywatch #I💙Damon



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Nice but so what?

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Actor the Rock

AnaMaria Martines

U r the best person ever sir


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I wonder if the rock ever gets tired of his fans, like ik some people are really obsessed and get super touchy


I am obsessed with you

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