Albert Pujols

Hey @miketrout , I just got Instagram! #Angels

Hey @miketrout , I just got Instagram! #Angels




Go cardinals


^^^Heard u don’t have a birth record so just wondering


Hey buddy, how old are you?


My two favorite players in MLB Today!


Hey @miketrout try get out of this choke hold


Hi Albert!


oh my goodness how did I just see his accountπŸ˜‚


Albert, you are amazing! I was there in Anahiem when you made history ⚾️6️⃣0️⃣0οΈβƒ£βšΎοΈπŸ˜


Que dios le siga bendiciendo hermanos


Follow me


@rodneyheslington did he follow you back yet?


Could you please follow me back


Dude I am like 1 one of your biggest fans please dm me


@johnny__ou hey,johnny,i just got instagram


Congrats Pujols!


Check Dm please


Yeah @albertpujols road to 700hrs


@albertpujols, follow me. I'm a huge Angels fan! I'm new to Instagram also! Welcome!


Ur a dog


It's about time-------/-follow me @albertpujols


Sup BIGGEST Angels fan EVER!


Welcome to Instagram!!! Feel free to follow me or's your choice


To Whom it May Concern, this will be my last letter. I now have 2 loves in my life. Big city livin, and a voodoo woman named Phyllis. Ciao, Roberto @jklug11 @albertpujols


@albertpujols you should take @jklug11 to brunch next time, he's a huge fan and is dying from gastrointestinal problems poor fella can't even play recreational softball anymore 😿


@albertpujols You are one of my all time favorite players!! You're an amazing player and an even more amazing man of God!! Thank you for all you do in this world!! I can't wait yo see you get that 600!! πŸ’ͺ


@albertpujols sorry about my friend @robbyflooo he just speaks gibberish. Works at the local Wendy's has nothing to do with the stock market. Anyway, when you're in NYC lmk we'll grab a light brunch.


@jklug11 @albertpujols if you do that I will not only be personally offended but I will point to the sky every day at 4pm EST when the stock market closes to show my dominance in the day. You will both proceed to strikeout on and off the field for the remainder of the day. I will also come to your funeral and thank god I'm still alive with a 2 hour point to the sky. I'll Snapchat and insta story it too.


@albertpujols my friend @robbyflooo kinda girlfriend just ended things with him. When you hit your 600 home run, can you point to the sky and tell rob that he'll find someone else soon?

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