Know what you don't know. #8fact #facts #knowledge #9GAG

Know what you don't know.  #8fact #facts #knowledge #9GAG



So what should I do


@rexotic05 ikaw lang ah. Wahahahhahahha


Lol @ambiee_w not with your paranoia ahahah


@vidadepedrito this would happen to us


And their children saw it. It happened in Portugal, atleast one of these accidents.


@korbin.bryan something that would happen to me


Literally fell


At least they died together lolz @miss_azharr #trueLove lmao


I guess they fell in love


Literally fell for each other. Fell with


😂😂😂😂... listen all selfie lovers


Lol faggots


@maria._ac something you would do


Thank you kichu hoi nai tar @arianazaima naile ami maths eh fail kortam


Idk why this came to my mind but u know when we went to the DoE trip? Amar profile e jei picture ta ase na? Oita Zia Sir tulte giye selfie newar try korte giye almost chad theke pore jaite nisilo 😨😱 @jemima_yasmin


@funbucket209 i laughed way to hard 💀💀


They must have fallen really in love


I was there.


@nourhanbeksawy hahahahhahahahaha aywa ya haram allah yarhmhom 🙈


@mariamelghamrawyy reminded me of elsawa2 beta3ek elwe2e3 felnile felzafa😂😂😂😂


Yeah I know a person who fell of a 15th floor balcony taking a selfie! Selfies are not for everybody!


Dumbasses 😂


@devvsanti this could be us but you smart af 💘


It's amazing people are liking this 😂


This is common in india!


@lucianlolo hay5odnaaa saaaf wa7ed😂😂😂😂


This is clearly not a FACT


A best friends once shathom microbus while taking a selfie 😂😂😂 @joucymamdouh

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