Lov that tongue 👅


Meuuuuu filho eu te amooo


Beautiful portrait, Manny! ❤️


This is so adorable. Follow @animalaugh to get a chance to be featured


Bonjour MANNY! On aime bien te revoir! 👍😜😋😍😉


Beautiful 💘


This is no ordinary dog - he's a Saint.


Aww hi beautiful, lovely photo of you sweetheart, love you so much cute @manny_the_frenchie ❤️😘💋❤️😘💋


Happy happy


❤️❤️❤️ Happy Friday!!


happy Friday Manny!!!


The most handsome frenchie in the world.


frenchies are awesome :D




Enjoy your day Manny!! 👍🏻❤️🐾


That face 😍


Just showing some love - ruff!


@epicems he's so cute I want him


@manny_the_frenchie you dog looks exactly like my frenchy George!!!


Cool dog ❤️🐶

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