Prissy and Pop💗💙

It's FIELD DAY at school at Pop and I have been practicing for it all week! This year is an NFL theme, and our class is representing the San Francisco 49ers. ThOINKs @fantopiashop for our cool jerseys! I'm pretty sure we are gonna win the six legged race! The sack race on the other hoof...🐷🏈#fieldday #bolles #firstgrade #classpets #sackrace #PrissyandPop



@serofiamartin Your pig. Ahahahadahaha


Super Cute Twosome 🐶🐶❤️❤️


What are they rooting for


SO cute. SO cute!.......WOOF!!🏈🏈🏈


How do you have time to teach when you take care of those 🐷 the way you do? That looks like a full time job in itself! Please let me know your secret😏 I'm a teacher & can barely take care of myself with all the work I have.


@flash_williams These piggies have your team's colors on! Go 49ers! 🏉❤️😃⭐️

OMG so dang cute. Love you guys


Ahhh so fun cuties!!


Hahaha I luv them ! 🐖🐖🤣❤️


@prissy_pig Luckly we found the small ones👍


@_mashu.mashu_ I'm 4 and Pop is 3!


Field day at my school too! No mini pigs though.


Go Prissy and Pop!!! I love them so much❤️ I challenge them to a race 🏁😘🐷


So cute!


I can't take it it's total cuteness overload😂😘💞




go packers!!


This barista Packers fan sends LOVE from sunny So Cal 💕🐽🏈🐷 Good Luck class!!!! @prissy_pig


Oh you guys are so cute 😊 I always loved field day!


@msinsister look at them run 😂😭


Love love!!💖💖🐷🐷💕so adorable cute precious!!❤️


Omg that's my team!!!!! #49ers yay!!!!! Go Prissy and Pop!

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