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@maryamnyc feeds her flawless with our NEW clay stick foundation, available 5/21 on tarte.com! #slaywithclay #rethinknatural #naturalartistry



@kirstydevlin_ tarte.com ships to the UK 🙌🙌


Will it be availablr in the uk?


@jackiesquid Yes it will be! We'll share when on social so keep your eyes peeled! 👀


Will it be available at Sephora, and if so when?


@bxcca.gill It will be available for $39! Good for all skin types due to the power of Amazonian clay to keep your skin balanced! It knows to smooth, mattify or hydrate depending on your skin type 🙌


Wish you sold the whole set as a bundle.. these look AMAZING @tartecosmetics Perfect for makeup kits used on our clients 😚


How much will it cost and is it good for dry skin? It's looks amazing!! ❤ī¸


@tartecosmetics yeah, but the problem is the custom people are very corrupt


Love maryamnmm


@gabihahn954 We'll share on social as soon as it's available on Sunday so keep your eyes peeled 👀


@hareka_tysiri We ship to Indonesia from tarte.com đŸ“Ļ💕


Will this foundation be available at Ulta?


What time can I buy this beauty?❤ī¸đŸ˜Š


@gtchineygyal omg, idk if it's just me but she looks like you!


Have you seen these?! I needddddd @allyhailey__


hey beauties! would love if you could check out my recent short video on my instagram page! im a 14 year old makeup lover 💕🌈đŸĻ‹


Where can i get your products in indonesia? I live in bali


@tartecosmetics thank you very much I will be purchasing this..


So cute just started using your cosmetics and have to admit am in love ❤ī¸ī¸đŸ˜


Omg I want this!!!😲


@lisa_lee_1919 Yes! It's longwearing and will keep you shine & cake-free đŸ”ĨđŸ”Ĩ


@sandyohara Can you please DM us your email address?


@tartecosmetics I did! But in my order there was missing a shape tape and the foundation, & the email response only said WE'LL REFUND "THE ITEM" #IMSCARED☚ī¸


@sandyohara Please email your order # to social@tarte.com and we can help 💋


DID ANYONE ELSE DID NOT RECEIVE THE CUSTOM SET COMPLETE? The foundation was missing in mine, they said they cant send it again and for the response I got Im not sure theyll refund the proportional $ ☚ī¸ IM SO MAD/SAD


@tartecosmetics can you please tell me if the stick foundation will hold up in the heat!! I mean I know it's not magical but at least it won't be sliding off your face after it's applied.


@beautybetas @susanademendoza It works for all skin types! It keeps your skin shine & cake free while balancing it 👌

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