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Garage Startup Life Vol. 2: Why 'Failure Is Not An Option"? I am sick of the startup world saying failing is cool. It's even been glorified as a "badge of honor" which makes no sense. They think somehow failing equals progress.
Progress is only made when you learn.
The Silicon Valley mantra 'Fail Fast, Fail Often' does not to help garage startups. It's just a great excuse to blow through loads of investment capital with little or nothing to show it. In most cases there’s no way to tell if any progress really happened. Failing without learning is really just, ... FAILING!

The difference is a garage startup doesn't have investor capital to burn. If they fail, they're screwed!
Garage startups seek out and learn points of failure before they happen. Now I'm not blind to the fact you will fail at some aspect of the startup. It's only when you prepare for failure and learn from it that real progress can be made. Edison failed at least 1,000 times in the development of the light bulb. Every time he failed he learned what wouldn't work.

The harder and more important point is to learn what you don't know before you fail. "Failure is Not An Option" so don't set yourself up to fail. But if you do, learn.
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