Ofishal Nile

My name is Nile. People often confuse it with Niles or Neil. Usually, Niles. This is a bag of coffee from @allegrocoffee, and I presume it's referencing the Nile River, which (I'm pretty sure) is where my name comes from. Apparently, it wasn't my parents but the daughters of the leader of the religious community I was born into who gave me my name. My Dad thinks they named me after the "famed" Saint Nilus, but I doubt it. So I'm named after this apparently -- I've never been there -- big and important river, and I feel like therefore I have some connection to it. But I've never seen it. I wasn't born next to it. I'm not a descendent of people who have lived along it. It's just a name given to me by some hippies who apparently thought it was cool. And yet, it's my name.




Krishna Nile blend....hah

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