If I see ya crying, I'll call an audible and the game plan changes. At every hotel in countries around the world when I'm on tour, I'm always ushered thru basements and underground garages so it doesn't become a security issue w/ crowds in front of the hotel. Eeeeevry once in a while fans will circumvent layers of security and "pop up" in areas they're not supposed to be in and security will say "No" and start to usher them away. Security says no, I see tears and say YES, then I get mascara and tears on my new shirt. Ah f*ck the shirt. Gimme those tears. ๐Ÿ˜‚ These lil' moments w/ fans will always be some of the best parts of fame. And the look on their faces when I said, Zac's an asshole and hates his fans is priceless. Thank you Germany for the luv. Grateful man. #EuropeanPressTour #Berlin #Baywatch



Arbaz Shaikh

That's sign of great human being ... you are my idol sir

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You're an amazing man.


You are very gentle


Youre a badass dude D ๐Ÿ‘

Micah Sneed

Such an awesome guy. We can all learn from him.

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