Meet my friend.. I won't eat him promise πŸ˜ƒ
From πŸ“Έ @my_lulu_cat
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That so amazing, that bird is not worried.


@clothildereynaert Gaby est plus dΓ©tendu hihi il apprΓ©cie juste


@gabe_da_costa gaby quand il me regarde jouer avec bob


Ο φυλος Ρχωρτατος


@mariakittttie 😍❀️😺🐦!! I need those creatures in my life!


When your cats vid is more gorgeous than u


@tanguyth coucou petite perruche


@vlo126 look at this kitty!


I like it πŸ‘‘


@jasons_mommy kid looks like he does want to eat him πŸ˜…


Mister would eat him @rreece13


Que hermosos pero con la Chiqui no creo que se pueda hacer eso🐱🐦


@tgrt .. olha isso


@rani_reena It is possible!! Lol

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