It's called the DJ flip. I do this fun lil' thing when adults and kids ask me to sign the back of their t-shirts.. I flip the sharpie around and pretend to write on the back of their heads and necks. 99% of the time, fans LOVE the idea of me actually writing on their bodies. They get all wiggly and just laugh their asses off. But lil' big man was NOT feeling it. 😂. Appreciate y'all waiting for such a long time to meet me and say hello. Luv U back. Good way to end a very long day of work. #FanLuv #GratefulMan 🤙🏾



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Greg West

Due to the shooting in Vegas I'm reaching out to as many people as I can, 1 by 1, to say hello and wish them a wonderful day. Tomorrow is never promised.

Aline Pereira

Que fofo rsrs


He looked thrilled lol you're so cute love thr sense of humor

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