@blacknay. Stop liking my wife's pics!! ..... She's mine!!!!!......Tam


What's under her lip?!?!


I love you 💕💕


Message me Sis.


So beautiful




she is too beautiful god


That glow!!


I didn't get the memo that you were on the voice... When does it come on?


I would love to know who your dress is by on The Voice tonight? @kellyrowland It's stunning on you!


Seriously amazing job with fazika if she dosent win Australia has got no clue! Sensational good job x


Yes Kelly


Sis I bet you smell so good lol. And not saying that in a weird way just keeping it real




So gorgeous


Kelly looking hot!!!i




Slay all day u r so pretty


No comment


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SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!


@kellyrowland it's always a blessing seeing you! Thank you for coming to the show tonight beauty! Thank you for being a constant inspiration!!

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