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So, basically up until this point, this is the way I thought the world worked: A bunch of people (men, most likely) said, "Hey! This is mine." And took land, food, etc. from the people who were using it. On top of that, those guys who took the stuff were like, "Hey! If you want to use this stuff, you gotta work for me. If you don't, I will shoot you." .
So, I've been running around. Living my life. Thinking, "Man, it's such a pain I gotta work for these dudes who own all this stuff. I wish I could just be free to make art." .
But, recently, I talked to my wife @divya_jyoti, and she was like, "Na na na ... na! The way the world works is this: Everybody contributes to society in some way. We have gotten to the point where we can specialize. You make the bread, I'll make the fondue, type of deal." .
And that really made sense to me. I mean, there might be some people, but by and large the "haves" aren't trying to screw over the "have nots" by making them work for them. Not that the system isn't fucked. There's a lot we can do to make it better.
But, just personally, I think I'm gonna be a lot better off if I stop trying to game the system, and start trying to give back.




You Armenia ?


@dreamcatcher0701 yeah, I think #whiteprivilege is why I thought I didn't have to give back


@imradallday any time, any place


I need to see the 🐧


Love the pic 😂💓#epiphany

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